Too hot to sit in your conservatory?

Time for a Roof Replacement?

With temperatures soaring throughout much of the UK in the last week,  are you like the many people unable to use and enjoy their conservatories as it is just too hot?

Turn your Conservatory into a room to enjoy all year long!

Many people find their conservatory is just too hot to use in the summer, and too cold in the winter. In fact many people can only use their conservatory at certain times of the year, possibly for just a couple of hours a day.

Fox Windows and Doors offer two conservatory roof replacements, the Supalite tiled roof system and the Ultraframe livinROOF.

These two fantastic roofing systems offer great solutions to upgrading and replacing your conservatory roof.


Traditionally, conservatories were added onto larger properties creating a room to be used in the spring and autumn or when temperatures were comfortable. They have also traditionally been used as a greenhouse to grow exotic or delicate plants.

Conservatories have appealed to many home owners, sometimes presenting a more cost effective, less intrusive or simpler solution when compared to a full extension. Conservatories compliment most properties beautifully, and they do offer a great solution to creating an extra room and opening up an existing living space.

Most traditional conservatories are fitted with polycarbonate or double glazing roofs. On very hot days, heat beams through these roofs from above and becomes trapped, the heat builds throughout the day making your conservatory feel stuffy and very uncomfortable. In many instances the only way to cool the room down is with a fan or air conditioning which can become very expensive.

The other downside to polycarbonate and some double glazing roofs is that sometimes, they do not offer adequate insulation properties, meaning that in the winter the conservatory gets very cold. Most people expect to need to heat a conservatory to some degree, just like other rooms in the home, but if your conservatory roof doesn’t offer good insulting properties, any heat you generate will quickly be lost from the roof meaning your heating becomes ineffective and expensive.

glass roof traditional conservatory

So what is the answer?

Supalite Roof Replacement System

The Supalite tiled roof system has superb insulating properties with an incredible u-value of just (0.18).

The lightweight roof system has been designed specifically to be installed onto existing conservatory window frames and convert any type and style of conservatory including Lean to, Edwardian, Gable Ended Edwardian and Victorian.

The inside of the insulated roof has a plastered finish as standard with an option to have L.E.D down lights and Roof Vent windows.

livin Roof Replacement System

livinROOF enables you to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly, extending your living space and offering excellent thermal performance.

livinROOF offers total design flexibility, allowing you to choose exactly where you would like the areas of glass to be positioned and maximise on natural light.

Internally the stunning livinROOF can deliver a wonderful vaulted ceiling, incorporating an internal pelmet around the perimeter, where L.E.D down lights can be installed.

Fox Windows and Doors install conservatory roof replacements in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Both roofing systems available from Fox Windows and Doors can be installed without planning permission, only building regulations approval is required (Local councils and building control authorities now insist on a building control certification for all replacement conservatory roofs).

Fox Windows and Doors will take care of the complete building control certification process on your behalf.

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