Granada Secondary Double Glazing Systems

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Reduce Noise Levels and Heat Loss with Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing reduces noise levels, reduces heat loss and increases security. Fox Windows and Doors install Granada’s bespoke Aluminium Secondary Double Glazing which is handcrafted in the UK. Secondary Glazing offers a subtle and discreet solution that allows you to maintain the character of your property whilst receiving all the benefits of double glazing.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is fantastic for noise reduction and is one of the fastest growth areas in the Window industry...

especially for specialist areas of refurbishment and conservation. Installing secondary glazing is proven to be an effective solution where noise is an issue.

The product we install has been proven to reduce noise levels by 54 dB – that’s around 80% quieter in a typical home. The creation of an insulating layer of air is also important in the retention of heat. You could expect as much as 65% reduction in heat loss.

Choices To Suit Your Requirements

Our aluminium glazing is fitted into a timber surround and we offer many types of Aluminium Secondary Double Glazing depending on your requirements...

Many of our customers would often like a mixed installation of internal secondary glazing for certain windows and new replacement windows for others.

If you have a period property, you may for example have a period stained glass bay at the front of the property which you want to keep but would like to replace the windows at the back.

We can cater for this scenario with the superb choice of window systems which we offer our customers.

Our Secondary Glazing Products

Fixed Secondary Glazing and Turnbuckle

If a window is not going to get used very often, say for example a high up landing window, or a circular, semi-circular, arched or shaped window, a fixed (none opening) secondary glazing unit can be a good option. The fixed unit can be fitted directly to any window or door.

As an addition, this unit can be fitted with turnbuckle releases to enable access for cleaning and maintenance. This type of secondary glazing units is suitable for fire escape requirements.

Hinged Secondary Glazing Inserts

Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing are made from the same sections as the fixed secondary glazing Inserts. So a single fixed unit fitted with hinges and secured by turnbuckles that is directly fixed to the any window or door.

The unit will therefore operate like an internal opening door. This type of Secondary glazing can be suitable for fire escape requirements

Standard or Slimline Lift Out

With this option the Secondary Glazing can be lifted out. It is a removable glazing panel within its own outer frame that is fitted to the face or reveal of the existing window.

You can have this in either the standard system or the slimline option depending on your requirements.The integral finger lift bar at the bottom of the panel allows it to be lifted upwards and then swung inwards to facilitate removal.

Horizontal Sliders- 2, 3, 4  and 5 Panels

This option is multiple or individual sliding secondary double glazing panels set in an outer frame. The individual secondary double glazing units slide easily from side to side on brass rollers. This smooth slide allows access to the external windows for ventilation.

Each individual secondary glazing panel can be lifted upwards and then swung inwards to facilitate the removal. Therefore allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This type of Secondary glazing can be suitable for fire escape requirements.

Standard Vertical Sliders 

Vertical sliding secondary glazing has been designed especially for sash windows. The Secondary glazing for sash windows mirrors the external sash window. It consists of two secondary sashes, one above the other, both secure within in their own outer frame.

Sight lines of the secondary double glazing match the external sash window. Each secondary sash is easily released for opening by operating side shoot bolts which then re-engage in pre-positioned keeps so you can vary the amount of ventilation.

This type of Secondary Glazing is suitable for Listed Building sash windows and Conservation Areas and any home with sash windows for that matter.

Balanced Vertical Sliders

Balanced Vertical Sliders have also designed for sash windows these sliders are supported by strong spiral spring balances to facilitate ease of opening and closing. The spiral balance system supports the weight of the secondary glazing and makes this system particularly suitable for larger sash windows.

Again the sightlines of the secondary double glazing for this sash balance system option match a traditional sash window. The secondary sashes are easily moved up and down with the weight is supported by the balance system.

Tilt In Vertical Sliders

There is a Tilt-In option. This facility allows each secondary sash to be independently released from the outer frame and pivot inwards. Therefore facilitating the cleaning of the glass on the inside.

Hinged Aluminium Inserts

Balanced Vertical Sliders

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