Our Product Guarantees

1) Subject to the following exclusions the Company undertakes to repair or replace free of charge any items manufactured by which it proves defective as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within 10 years from the date of the installation. The company’s formal guarantee will be available to the purchaser to be viewed on our website at any time. The guarantees are regularly updated and only the current version at any given time will be applicable. This guarantee does not apply to negligence, vandalism and wilful damage. This guarantee does not apply to goods supplied and fitted by the Company which are not manufactured by the company, such as electrical items which carry the guarantee of the supplier, or to works carried out by subcontractors such as plumbing, electrical work and building work. Subcontractors will provide their own guarantee of the works carried out. 

2) The Purchaser must inform the Company of any defect or malfunction of the product in a timely manner. 

3) uPVC frames have a 10 year guarantee on the uPVC profile against corrosion, brittleness and discolouration. 

4) Origin aluminium windows and doors come with a 20 year guarantee on both the aluminium and on all of the mechanisms such as hinges, trolley wheels and handles.

5) Glass units have a 10 year guarantee against moisture on the inside of the sealed unit. We do not cover cracked sealed units or glass that has been smashed in unforeseen circumstances. An inspection of glass units takes place from inside standing 3 metres back from the glass in daylight, but not in direct sunlight and from a 90 degree angle. Glass is considered to have acceptable quality of vision if the following are not obvious nor clustered together: totally enclosed seeds, blisters, hairlines or blobs, fine scratches not more than 25mm long and minute embedded particles. 

6) Locking mechanisms have a 10 year guarantee. However all moving parts should be cleaned and oiled at least twice per year. 

7) We aim to match our suppliers’ guarantees on all our door furniture; this is in the unlikely event of defective manufacture or design. 

8) Integral blinds have a 5 year warranty on all parts inside the glass units and 2 years to parts outside the units 

9) If you require work to be carried out on any other items that are not covered by our guarantee, we can do this at an additional charge of £50 per hour plus the cost of any parts required. 

10) The company accepts no liability in respect of the following: 

  • a) The failure of the installation to reduce or eliminate condensation. 
  • b) Damage resulting from subsidence due to soil shrinkage, underground or mine workings. 
  • c) Minor defects to plasterwork and brick work due to settlement. 
  • d) Damage attributable to the failure of foundations or structure when these have not been constructed by the Company. 
  • e) Discolouration or frost damage to the brick work. 
  • f) Damage or deterioration to the product arising out of natural wear and tear. g) Fair wear and tear; this guarantee will be void if the Purchaser has not taken reasonable care of the products.
  • h) Handles that have been forced. Forcing will cause a failure of the flange, thus resulting in the handle appearing to be loose. 
  • i) Damage caused by jewellery such as rings and metal objects such as keys. Metal objects should not be brought in contact with handles as these will remove or damage the protective layer on the handles resulting in peeling or flaking of the product. 
  • j) Surface finishes, or product failure caused by negligence, vandalism, wilful damage, extreme environment conditions or excessive wear and tear. 
  • k) The Company does not guarantee that the level of external sound can be eliminated or reduced by installation of its product.

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