Conservatory Refurbishment for a Quick and Easy Extension Enhancement

At Fox Windows, we offer our conservatory refurbishment service to help you improve your old extension’s performance. Our conservatory upgrades will give your home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Leamington Spa and surrounding areas an optimally-performing room at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

With an old conservatory or orangery, you may be having a series of problems. The design may be out of fashion or looks dated. Its outer appearance may have suffered wear and tear, or be damaged. You may be losing heat from the old structure. With our conservatory makeover ideas, we can help you fix all these problems in a cost-effective manner.

Conservatory Makeover Ideas

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Reshaping the Extension

The problem with very old conservatories or orangeries is that they look dated in their design. We can rework the structure of your old conservatory to give it a more contemporary look. We might recommend that you replace a wall with a stylish bi-folding door. You can also change the curved shape of a Victorian style conservatory and make it square.

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Replacement Conservatory Roofs

As the part with the largest surface area which bears the full brunt of the elements, your conservatory's roof is the first part to show signs of wear. In such a case, your extension might experience heat loss and water seepage in addition to looking old and worn out. Replacement conservatory roofs can fix those problems for you.

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New Double Glazing

Old doors and windows can be a major cause of poor thermal performance in your conservatory. You will be amazed at the improvement in performance simply by changing the windows and doors in your conservatory. This simple conservatory refurbishment can help you instantly enhance the room's heat efficiency, security, and appearance.

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Roof Lanterns

A common complaint with solid or tiled roofed conservatories is that they don't allow in as much light so your extension is often poorly illuminated unless you have lights switched on. With a roof lantern, you can save on your electricity bills while making your conservatory or orangery brighter. This simple conservatory conversion can also improve its style quotient.

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Conservatory Conversions on the Inside

In certain cases, it is not the outside of the conservatory that needs remodelling but the inside. It might be more effective for you to enhance the interiors instead. You can get a simple conservatory upgrade by getting plastered vaulted ceilings, insulated pelmets and columns to improve your extension's look along with its heat performance while adding style.

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Extending the Brick Area

Old-style conservatories sit on a low wall. You can change the look of your home extension simply by altering the height or length of this wall. We can help you extend your dwarf wall or raise it, and reduce the amount of uPVC and glazing. You can also upgrade a conservatory to an orangery simply by increasing the dwarf wall sufficiently.

Conservatory Upgrades and Features

  • Refreshed Look
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Cost Effective Conservatory Refurbishment
  • Reliable Conservatory Refurbishment

Our conservatory refurbishment ideas are designed to give your extension a new look without you having to spend too much time or money. We will help you with simple and affordable ideas to refresh the look of your extension. By pinpointing the specific problems and addressing them, we will help you with a more targeted approach.

With our conservatory upgrades, you can also improve the way your extension performs. We offer you conservatory refurbishments that will give your extension a new lease of life. You will experience better heat performance leading to less energy usage. In some cases, you will get a warmer, drier, and an overall more comfortable room.

Since we focus on the problems areas, we can give you a conservatory refurbishment that does not ‘sprawl’. This means it won’t take a lot of time, and it will also be done within your budget. By only fixing what needs fixing, we are able to contain the expense so you get a better-looking and better-performing conservatory or orangery affordably.


At Fox Windows and Doors, we are experienced and reliable double glazing installers. Certified by FENSA and highly recommended on Which?, we are a trusted name when it comes to conservatory refurbishment and upgrades. We will be able to give you advice and help you throughout the process of your conservatory upgrade and makeover.

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Conservatory Refurbishment Costs

Since we tailor your conservatory makeover to your specific needs, we can only give you a conservatory refurbishment prices after an initial evaluation of your house extension.

If you want to find out how much your conservatory refurbishment costs in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and the neighbouring areas, get in touch with us. We will book an evaluation appointment at a convenient time for you, after which we will give you your bespoke conservatory refurbishment quote.

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