Modern, Functional Triple Track Sliding Doors

Here at Fox Windows and Doors, we supply and install a range of triple track sliding doors for homeowners across Kenilworth, Solihull, Loughborough, Warwickshire and the surrounding Midlands areas. 

Our aluminium triple track sliding doors come in a range of styles, including inline sliders and lift and slide. Inline sliders are the traditional slider options for homes, which work on the large glass panes sliding on a track on rollers to open and close the doors with ease. Inline sliders come in a range of sizes, including 29mm, 44mm and 77mm, and perform with exceptional u-values of 1.6W/m2K with double glazing, or can be upgraded to triple glazing for even lower u-values. Inline sliders from Fox Windows and Doors are also PAS 24 tested and approved, and feature stainless steel hafi handles. 

We also offer lift and slide triple track sliding doors, which work by turning the handle 180 degrees to lift the glass panels onto the tracks before sliding them open and closed. This design is best for larger panes of glass, as they tend to be heavier to move. This system also allows for the doors to stay in a fixed position, which is essential for homeowners with small children as it means they cannot open and close the doors or trap their fingers. The lift and slide mechanism also means that these doors can safely handle much larger, and heavier, panes of glass whilst offering a smooth operation. Our lift and slide doors can perform with u-values of 1.55W/m2K with double glazing, and even lower with enhanced specification glazing and triple glazing. 

We are proud to install high quality triple track doors for homeowners in Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. Get a quote today for your triple track sliding doors projects or learn more about our triple track doors

Features & Benefits

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Custom Sliding Doors

Fox Windows and Doors offer high quality, custom sliding doors for homeowners in Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. Our triple track sliding doors provide your home with excellent u-values, thermal and energy efficiency, smooth triple track functionality and can be tailored to suit your property and needs. These doors can be installed into all property types, including traditional, period homes and contemporary new builds. 

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British Manufactured Triple Track Sliding Doors

Our triple track sliding doors are supplied by British manufacturers, who are market leaders in the aluminium sliding doors industry. We are proud to install triple track sliding doors built and crafted in the UK. This also means that our triple track sliding door lead times are fast with minimal fuss, so you can benefit from your new high-quality sliding doors sooner.

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20 Year Guarantee 

Triple track sliding doors from Fox Windows and Doors are built to last. Because they are built to survive the test of time, our sliding doors come with a 10—or 20-year guarantee. If you are looking for a sliding door installer you can trust, look no further than Fox Windows and Doors.

The Benefits of Triple Track Sliding Doors

  • Ease of Use
  • Bespoke Design
  • Uninterrupted Views
  • Improved Ventilation

Our triple track sliding doors are designed and manufactured to be easy to use. The tracks are designed to keep the doors moving with ease for years to come.

Triple track sliding doors from Fox Windows and Doors can be designed to your colour choice, and come with a range of glazing and hardware options so you can match your new doors to your property.

With triple track sliding doors, you can benefit from uninterrupted views whether your door is open or closed. Large glass panes invite the outside in with our sliding doors.

Triple track sliding doors improve airflow throughout your home. In the warmer months, open your sliding doors to keep your property cool and comfortable and reduce the possibility of condensation and dampness.

Get an Triple Track Sliding Doors Quote

Triple track sliding doors are the perfect choice for any property! Get a quote today and see how much your new triple track sliding doors will cost you.

Aluminium Triple Track Patio Doors Brochure

Triple Track Sliding Doors Prices

We understand that every homeowner and every property upgrade project is different, which is why we work with you to provide high-quality installations while keeping your budget in mind. Our triple track sliding doors are bespoke to your home, so you can choose the colour, glazing, and hardware you want installed.

You can contact our team for more information on the triple track sliding doors we offer, and to discuss your home improvement project with a member of our expert team.  

Use our online quoting tool to get a quick, hassle-free quote for your triple track sliding doors project. Simply input your details, and we will send you a bespoke quote.

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