Secondary Glazing for Your Windows

Secondary Glazing reduces noise levels, reduces heat loss and increases security. Fox Windows and Doors install Granada’s bespoke Aluminium Secondary Double Glazing which is handcrafted in the UK. It offers a subtle and discreet solution that allows you to maintain the character of your property whilst receiving all the benefits of double glazing.

Secondary glazing is essential in situations where conventional double glazing isn’t viable – for example, in a listed building, a flat or an area of natural beauty.

Our secondary glazing is designed, manufactured and tested by Granada – an industry leader in their respective field. Fox Windows can install Granada products to suit any domestic or commercial situation.

Secondary glazing won’t damage your home, is easy to fit and won’t affect the operational capabilities of your existing windows. Find out more by calling or emailing the Fox Windows team for details.

Features & Benefits

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Superior Thermal Performance

Secondary glazing - when installed on top of single glazing - delivers incredible thermal performance. You could reduce heat loss around your window area by as much as 65%, which dramatically improves on the results produced by double glazing. Find out how we can help you save money and lower your energy bills by contacting the Fox Windows team.

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Tailored To You

Secondary glazing comes in a variety of styles - in the same way as double glazing. Lift out and fixed secondary glazing are just two of the options available. A choice of more than 200 colours can be accessed to perfect the design of you installation, so you’ll be able to match your product to suit the decor and schemes used throughout your home.

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Choose, While Retaining Character

Your double glazing will improve the thermal performance of your home, driving down energy costs and lowering your carbon footprint. It won’t harm the character of your property, though; whether you live in a modern block of flats - or a period home in the country - your residence will retain the same charming characteristics that you fell in love with.

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Affordable Upgrades

When you consider the many benefits of secondary glazing - such as better thermal performance and security - the value of your purchase will become evident. You’ll be improving the market appeal of your home home and reducing your overheads. There are no downsides when it comes to buying this cost-effective form of glazing.

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Quiet and Stress Free

Do you live in a busy area - perhaps near an intersection or facing on to a main road? If so, you’ll be keen to block out the ambient noise that’s characteristic of built up urban areas. Our secondary glazing can reduce unwanted noise pollution by as much as 80%. Enjoy a home that’s quiet and relaxing to spend time in by choosing as your installer.

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Quality You Can't See

Homeowners are often concerned that their secondary glazing will stand out and lessen their home’s market appeal. In fact, once installed, it’s not visible to the untrained eye. Friends or family who come to visit won’t be able to tell your newly-installed product apart from conventional double glazing - so your home will still make a great impression.

Secondary Glazing FAQs

  • How Quickly Can Secondary Glazing Be Fitted?
  • How Will Your Product Be Fitted In My Home?
  • Can Your Glass Be Installed in Conservation Areas?
  • Will My Windows Still Work Normally After Work’s Completed?

Our Granada secondary glazing has fast lead times, however, the process will vary, depending on the nature of the project. In many cases, an installation can be completed within an hour. The entire process is designed to minimise inconvenience to our customers, so that they can carry on with their daily routine. We’ll be able to give you a time estimate when speaking to you.

If a window is not going to get used very often, say for example a high up landing window, or a circular, semi-circular, arched or shaped window, a fixed (none opening) secondary glazing unit can be a good option. The fixed unit can be fitted directly to any window or door. As an addition, this unit can be fitted with turnbuckle releases to enable access for cleaning and maintenance. This type of secondary glazing units is suitable for fire escape requirements.

Your new windows will be fitted inside to avoid disruption.  Mess is rarely caused during the fitting process, but our installers will make sure all debris is disposed of over once the job has been completed – leaving you to relax.



Secondary glazing is often used in areas of natural beauty, heritage sites and conservation areas. That’s because homes in areas like these need to be in keeping with local character. Local authorities normally view secondary glazing as an allowed development, because it won’t harm the properties appearance.


Although we offer a fixed glazing option (which can still be removed) other options will be available. Lift and Slide is just one of the formats available that be horizontally or vertically operated. Tell us what you need and our team will be able to recommend the best type of secondary glazing for your project.


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