Do you want to upgrade your home for better performance, more space and increased kerb appeal? Glass extensions are the perfect addition to any property type, as they offer improved natural light and energy efficiency, whilst also adding further kerb appeal to your property.

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What is a glass extension?

Glass extensions offer more to your property than a traditional conservatory, as they can be larger and also have solid walls rather than the conventional conservatory with glass walls and roof. Fox Windows offer a Performance Glass Extension, which is compatible with all building types, and perfectly combines all aspects of a conservatory and an extension. 

What is the difference between a glass extension and a conservatory?

The main difference between a glass extension and a conservatory is the size and build style. Glass extensions offer an ‘additional room’ feel, as they are more of an extension of your home compared to an additional build structure on the back of your house. Glass extensions also tend to be larger, as they are extending on the existing property. In contrast, a conservatory is built more to specific dimensions. 

Another big difference between glass extensions and conservatories is the price. Glass extensions’ cost varies depending on the size of the extension, as well as the materials used. Although the cost of a glass extension can be daunting, the value of a glass extension on your lifestyle, offering a much more expansive living space and improved home functionality, paired with the increase of your home’s kerb appeal and value, the investment can be negated over time. 

Performance Glass Extension

The Performance Glass Extension that Fox Windows offers is complete with an UltraFrame roof, which provides both enhanced thermal and energy efficiency for a home that performs better and lets in more natural light, impacting positively on your energy bills due to not needing so much artificial lighting.

Our performance glass extensions are fully customisable, with a range of glazing solutions, hardware, finishes and colours available for you to choose from. We are also happy to recommend the best options for your property, from size to finish.

Benefits of a glass extension

Design features: Glass extensions offer the option of bifold doors being added to your property, opening your home to the outdoors and allowing you to blend your garden with your new extension. Bifold doors are the perfect option for homeowners looking for open space, improved accessibility and stunning views, and due to the design of the Ultraframe roof, your bifold doors can be incorporated into the design of your glass extension rather than being an additional option.

Energy efficient: Ultraframe’s glass extension from Fox Windows also features Italian Renaissance-inspired columns, which are super insulated and boast improved thermal efficiency. Our bifold doors also include a polyamide thermal break, to ensure that the warmth from the property cannot escape through the door itself, therefore ensuring you will not need to heat your home for longer in order to keep your home warm. The Ultraframe roof also features glazing technology, keeping your property warmer from natural heat than artificial heating systems.

Additional room, not just space: With a glass conservatory, you can feel at home, even in your new room. Glass extensions do not feel as if they are an addition to the property the way that a conservatory may, so you still feel that you’re sitting within your home, rather than outside of it. 

Added security and weatherproofing: Our glass extensions are fitted with storm shield protection, so you can rest assured that your new glass roof will not leak in adverse weather. Our bifold doors also offer excellent security for your home, so you can confidently choose Fox Windows for your home extension projects with the knowledge that you will not compromise on the security profile of your home.

Glass Extension Cost UK

Glass extensions cost vary depending on the specification and size of the product you are purchasing. Our team of experts can discuss your home improvement glass extension projects with you, pinpointing exactly what you need and pricing your project accordingly. 

Why Choose Fox Windows?

Fox Windows are a local installer of home improvement products across Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. Fox Windows is a Which? Trusted Trader, therefore, you can choose Fox Windows for your home improvement projects with the knowledge that your home is in safe and accredited hands! As a Which? Trusted Trader, Fox Windows have also received a Certificate of Distinction, demonstrating that Fox Windows go above and beyond for their customers. 

Next time you are considering an extension or conservatory for your home, consider a glass extension, and combine the best of both. You can start your online quote with us or contact us on 01926 754044 for more information. We offer home improvement services across Warwickshire and the surrounding areas, from windows and doors to conservatories and replacement roofs. 

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