Are you thinking of upgrading your home’s doors this year, but need help deciding between bifold or sliding doors? Fox Windows offers both sliding doors and bifolds for all of your home improvement projects in 2024.

When considering your bifold vs sliding doors upgrade, there are many factors to bear in mind that can make your decision easier. Whether you are looking for more space, better ventilation, a specific aesthetic look or modern functionality, Fox Windows can supply your Kenilworth home with the highest quality products.

This article will discuss bifold vs sliding doors, and how the different styles can each benefit your home.

Sliding vs bifold doors - sliding door

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are the perfect addition for homeowners looking to open up space, and have a seamless flow from the property through to the garden or grounds outside. They also offer an uninterrupted external view. The bifold doors Fox Windows install are Origin products. Origin is a market-leading manufacturer of doors and windows.

Thermal Efficiency

Bi-fold doors installed by Fox Windows are rigorously tested to ensure they are thermally and energy efficient. These tests also ensure that the double glazing we install is of the highest quality standard, with no weak points. Our bifold doors also include a polyamide thermal break, which prevents warm air from exiting the home, and stops cold air entering the home through draughts in the winter months.

Bespoke to Your Home

All of the bifold door options we offer at Fox Windows can be designed and tailored directly to your property’s needs and also to your aesthetic taste. Origin bifold doors allow you to choose from 1-8 door leaves in a range of sizes and configurations and also varying threshold options for better accessibility. Origin also has a 150 RAL colour palette to choose from, ensuring your new doors are perfectly matched to your home’s current colour scheme.

More Space

By opening your home with bifold doors, you are able to invite the outside in. Creating a seamless flow through your home in a way that opens your living space and allows easy access to your home, bifold doors are a perfect option if you are looking to create more space. 


Origin ensures that all of the products that they supply are able to be fitted to ensure maximum accessibility. With different threshold options, you can be sure that your home and outdoor space are accessible for children and disabled visitors. 

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are perfect for homes looking for a broader viewpoint and access area with modern functionality. Fox Windows supplies Origin triple track sliding doors, which come with double glazing as standard.

Energy Efficient 

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint and your lasting effect on the planet, triple track sliding doors are designed to keep your home performing with high energy efficiency levels. With U-values as low as 1.2, you can be assured your home’s energy bills will be reduced along with your carbon footprint. Aluminium is also hugely energy efficient, as it does not warp, twist or crack the way that uPVC or timber could, ensuring that your home will not suffer from draughts and leaks, therefore improving your home’s energy and thermal efficiency.

Panoramic Views

Our triple-track sliding doors boast slim sightlines, allowing for larger glass panes and, therefore, a wider external view from inside your property. An additional bonus of sliding doors is improved natural light. With slim sightlines and larger glass panels, you can make the most of the natural light entering your home. 

Better Security

Sliding doors installed by Fox Windows have a 6-point locking system, ensuring your property and family are kept safe and secure all year round. Our sliding doors are also fitted with toughened glass, so even the most determined intruders cannot enter by breaking the glass. The locks we have fitted to our sliding doors are also available in a range of bespoke handles, to ensure your home is kept in keeping with its current aesthetic.

Low Maintenance

Our sliding glass doors are perfect for busy households, as they are a great low-maintenance option. A wipe over with a damp cloth once in a while would ensure your sliding doors are kept looking fresh and as close to brand new as possible for longer. As they are also aluminium built, they will not rot the way that timber may, so they will appear brand new for longer.

Both bifolds or sliding doors have huge merits, and would bring an elegance to all properties they are installed in. They are perfect for homes looking for modern functionality combined with classy elegance, and the design options for both bi-folds or sliding doors are endless.

Has this article inspired you to upgrade your property’s doors in 2024? Has it settled your mind in the sliding doors vs bifold debate? Get in touch with our friendly team today at 01926 754044 or start your online quote with Fox Windows, and get your home improvement plans underway!

Alternatively, take a look at our triple track sliding doors – a popular choice for Warwickshire homeowners.

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