Origin Aluminium Windows For Daventry Homes

Are you looking for a highly durable and stylish window for your house in Daventry? Then you should definitely consider investing in aluminium windows manufactured by Origin. Their premium quality and robust construction have made them the preferred choice of residential and commercial customers across the UK. Here’s an overview of why they are an ideal choice for those living in Daventry and the surrounding areas.

The strongest point of Origin’s aluminium windows is their durability. Unlike other window materials, aluminium windows have been designed to resist all types of weather conditions. Whether you’re expecting a cold winter or a hot summer in Daventry, you can rely on Origin’s aluminium windows to effectively protect your home from outside elements. They are also incredibly strong, lasting for years even with minimal maintenance.

Aluminium windows manufactured by Origin are also known for their contemporary designs and sleek lines. From the classic “tilt & turn” window to a modern sliding system, there’s something for everyone. You can select the most suitable window style for your home’s interior aesthetic as well as your functional needs. You can also enjoy customized features such as double or triple glazing, as well as different glass types and handles.

In addition, Origin aluminium windows come with multiple security features. Customers in Daventry can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their windows are secured with multiple layers of locking mechanisms and tamper-proof frames. Thus, even if the burglars try to break in, they will be unsuccessful. Origin’s aluminium windows also provide excellent insulation, keeping the interior of your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and secure window for your house in Daventry, then Origin’s aluminium windows are the perfect choice for you. With multiple options for different styles, glass types and security features, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your home. So, contact Fox Windows and Doors today to get a free quote and start enjoying the many benefits of Origin’s aluminium windows!



Features & Benefits

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Thermal Insulation

Our aluminium windows are designed to be energy efficient, with a triple weather seal to maximise heat retention in your home, while minimising drafts, moisture and any weather-related damage. Thanks to its highly advanced construction, Origin's thermal insulating aluminium frames can help keep your home warm and dry all year-round. In addition, aluminium is a natural insulator, so it remains stable in temperature and helps to reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling your property. By combining aluminium's natural insulation with the advanced insulation in Origin's windows, you can be sure your home will be safe and comfortable, no matter the weather.

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Made to Measure

To ensure that all of our customers in and around the Daventry area can have perfectly fitted aluminium windows, we carefully measure each window pane before expertly crafting and installing it for you. We send our team of trusted professionals to your home to help you decide on the best configuration for your windows and to obtain the appropriate measurements. Not only does this provide you with the highest-quality windows possible, but it also prevents any potential delays that may occur during the installation process. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality of aluminium windows that perfectly fit the unique structure of their home.

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Bespoke Designs

The ability to customise the finishing touches of your aluminium windows with the range of window furniture offered helps you personalise your windows and make them your own. The 150+ RAL colours and textured woodgrain foils allow you to find the perfect colour that compliments your existing furniture and decor. Furthermore, the multidimensional colours give your aluminium windows a more traditional wooden outlook as well as creating a truly unique ambience in your home. With the range of handles and hinges to choose from, you can add those finishing touches that will really make your aluminium windows stand out.

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A Fast and Efficient Installation Service

Our expert team of installers will take precise measurements and create your custom aluminium windows to an exact fit that will ensure your windows are quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption to your daily life. We have all the information required to make sure that your windows are installed quickly and correctly, so you won't have to wait around for a third party to take care of it. We take pride in our ability to provide efficient services, so you can trust that we will cause as little disruption to your life as possible when it comes to replacing and installing new windows.

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Durable Design

Our reliable team of qualified tradespeople are proud to partner with Origin to better serve our customers in the Daventry area. Origin is recognised for its longstanding reputation in the home improvement industry to consistently deliver high quality, durable aluminium windows. This ensures that all Daventry homeowners can trust that the products being installed are designed to withstand the test of time and stand firm against the elements.

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20-Year Guarantee

At Fox, we are so confident in the superior level of quality of our aluminium windows that we offer a reliable 20-year guarantee. You can have peace of mind in knowing that your new installation is a long lasting and low maintenance investment for any Daventry homeowner.

Why Choose Fox Windows & Doors?

  • Efficient Lead Times
  • Prompt Installations
  • Experienced Installers
  • Bespoke Designs

We work with you from the moment you get in touch, through to installation. Because we work with customers through the entire process, we can offer short lead times.

Our aluminium windows are all made-to-measure, which means you get the perfect installation for your home. It also allows us to swiftly and efficiently install the profiles.

Our team have years of experience working in the double glazing industry. All our team of installers are highly qualified and fully approved by Ultra Installers and Which? Trusted Traders.

We work with the homeowner to help them get the perfect installation for their personal preferences, current double glazing and existing architecture.

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