Origin Aluminum Windows in Rugby

Made from the recyclable, sturdy and rot-free material of aluminium, our aluminium windows are sure to be ones for any style of Rugby home!

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Features & Benefits

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Thermal Insulation

With the use of Silica Aerogel in the thermal break of these aluminium windows (a material used by space shuttles), this is the world’s greatest insulator and a very dependable way of heating your home and saving money. Even a 10mm thick piece of this solid material can improve insulation by up to a whopping 67%.

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150 RAL Colours

Along with the 150 RAL colours available to you, dual colours are also an option! These aluminium windows are also coated in a resilient finish for eliminating those flaky fading effects that plenty of poor window designs have. No repainting will ever be necessary! You should be involved in the designing of your windows, and, with our wide range of customisation options, this will be not only necessary but easy.

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Enhanced Security

With the Origin window’s standard Yale Encloser lock and its bi-directional locking technology, as well as the sturdy, indestructible crimped aluminium frame, you will have yourself a magically manufactured and well-secured aluminium window! With all of the above features, as well as our range of glazing choices (each of which being exceptionally durable), these windows will keep your creative minds buzzing and alight with ideas.

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Lightweight Profiles

Lightweight does not have to mean weak, and our aluminium windows are certainly not! The sleek design of the profiles can withstand both the glazing and the sometimes brutal nature of the weather outside. These are gorgeous windows for viewing the outside world in such a way that can keep you both cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

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With a touch of upkeep, you can get over 40 years of use out of just one of our amazing aluminium windows! And, as its life as a window comes to an end, that is not the end of its journey. It’ll be recycled, to make something new!

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20-Year Guarantee

We can assure you that our aluminium windows will last, and to prove it, we have a 20-year guarantee in place for these products. That’s quite a long time!

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There’ll be no long waiting times for getting that perfect aluminium window installed if you use Fox Windows and Doors as your installer! Not only do we provide perfectly precise products, but we understand the need to get cracking and not delay at any point in the process!

With made-to-measure windows, you will be sure to be getting the efficient, time-saving installations you deserve. This does not mean we will be rushing the work, but with years of experience under our belts, we certainly know what efficiency means.

With decades of industry experience behind us and plenty of window installations in front of us, we are the trustworthy installers you deserve for your home improvement renovations. In collaboration with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, all parts of the design and installation processes will be exceptionally efficient and high-quality.

With plenty of additional elements to these windows to be added, you will be sure to find yourself the perfect tailored aluminium window(s) for your Rugby home. We offer all the add-ons and furnishings you could think of for an aluminium window.

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