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Enjoy Your Old Conservatory Again

At Fox Windows and Doors, we provide homeowners in Leamington Spa with an excellent conservatory refurbishment service that helps you to improve your home extension’s performance. The upgrades we provide to your conservatory will transform it into a space you cannot enjoy a high-performance extension at the fraction of the cost of a new one.

Old conservatories or orangeries can be prone to having a series of problems. The design might be out of fashion or looks dated. The outside may be damaged or have experienced wear and tear that comes with the age. You could be left with a home extension that doesn’t provide a good thermal performance, meaning you cannot enjoy it year-round, and having to spend lots of money heating it.

By choosing Fox, we can provide you with several conservatory refurbishment solutions and a range of other Leamington Spa double glazing that will greatly improve the way your home looks and performs.

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Conservatory Refurbishment Costs Leamington Spa

If you’re thinking of breathing some new life into your Leamington Spa conservatory, then get in touch today. You can call us on 01926 754 044 or fill out our online contact form.

We will book an evaluation appointment at a convenient time for you, after which we will provide you with your bespoke conservatory refurbishment quote.

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Conservatory Makeover Ideas

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Services Rugby

New Double Glazing

Old <a href=”/doors/”>doors</a> and <a href=”/windows/”>windows</a> can be part of the reason why your conservatory is no longer packing a great thermal performance. Simply by changing the windows and doors in your conservatory, you’d be surprised at how the thermal performance improves. This refurbishment can help you instantly to improve your Leamington Spa extension’s heat efficiency, security and appearance.

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Changing the Shape

Old conservatory or orangeries can look very dated in their design, which could bring down the aesthetics of your Leamington Spa home. We can rework the structure of your old conservatory to give it a more modern look. This could include recommending that you replace a wall with a bifold door. You could also change the curved shape of a Victorian-style conservatory and make it square.

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Roof Lanterns

A common complaint amongst the Leamington Spa homeowner is that solid or tiled conservatories don’t let in as much light, causing them to switch lights on, pushing up energy bills. By getting a roof lantern for your extension, you can make your conservatory or orangery brighter and reduce your electricity bills. This simple conservatory refurbishment can provide a focal point for kitchens or dining rooms.

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Replacement Conservatory Roofs

As the largest surface area and most important part of your Leamington Spa conservatory, the conservatory roof is the first part to show signs of wear. Should this happen, your house extension might suffer from heat loss and leaks in addition to looking old and worn out. We offer tiled, glass and solid conservatory roof options.

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Converting the Inside

In some case, it might not be the outside of your Leamington Spa conservatory that is in need of TLC but, in fact, the inside. It could be more cost-effective for you to enhance the interior of your extension instead. You can upgrade your conservatory by getting plastered vaulted ceilings, insulated pelmets & columns, improving the look, performance & style.


Extending the Brick Area

Older conservatories are built on a low wall. You can change the look of your Leamington Spa extension simply by altering the height or length of this wall. Our team of installers can help you extend your dwarf wall or raise it and reduce the amount of uPVC and glazing. You can also upgrade a conservatory to an orangery by increasing the dwarf wall.

Conservatory Upgrades and Features

Revitalised Look

Fox Windows & Doors range of conservatory refurbishment ideas have been created to give your extension a new look without having to spend a lot of time or money. Our team will help you with simple and affordable ideas to refresh the look of your extension. Through pinpointing the specific problems and addressing them, we can offer a more targeted approach.

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Unveil the potential of conservatories. Download our brochure to explore modern designs that harmonise indoor and outdoor spaces, boosting natural light and improving energy efficiency.

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