Upgrade Your Property With Steel Look Partitions 

Steel look partitions are the ideal way to add a touch of contemporary charm to your property. These interior doors combine elegance with practicality, with their slim profiles seamlessly connecting your living space.

ALUCO use the latest manufacturing techniques to craft their steel look partitions. These state of the art techniques are complemented by stunning authentic designs and craftsmanship. Each steel look partition installed boasts stunning minimalist style frames, as well an eye-catching grid design.

Not only are steel look interior doors perfect for contemporary homes, but also heritage homes and those looking to create a Scandi-style feel to their Kenilworth based property.

These steel look partitions also replicate an industrial style interior design, perfect for homeowners looking for a rustic, authentic design. Not only this, but our steel look interior doors are made from premium grade aluminium. Thanks to the robust nature of aluminium, this allows the steel look partitions to have extremely slim sightlines.

Slim sightlines leave more room for the glass panes, creating a much higher glass to frame ratio. Due to this, more natural light will be drawn in to your property, creating a brighter, airier living space all year round.

If you’re looking for home improvement solutions that match, browse our fantastic selection of steel look doors and steel look windows.

Benefits of Steel Look Partitions

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Robust Profiles

Aluminium is an exceptionally hardwearing material. This makes it the ideal choice for crafting home improvement solutions, running no risk of warping, weakening or becoming faded over time. Kenilworth homeowners can feel peace of mind that their new industrial steel look interior doors will stand the test of time when choosing Fox Windows & Doors as their next installer.

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Slim Sightlines

Because aluminium is such a durable metal, it means that less material is needed to support the glass panes. This means that the frames are much slimmer compared to other conventional door styles, allowing for larger areas of glass. This helps seamlessly connect areas of your home and makes your living space feel open plan and ambient.

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A Selection of Styles

Steel look interior doors are perfect for all varieties of property styles, such as contemporary, new build or heritage homes. We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer our steel look partitions in a range of design and style choices. Choose from a number of stunning glazing options, including the art deco-inspired option of ‘reeded glass’. Homeowners can also choose from a number of horizontal and vertical bar design choices.

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Enhanced Sense of Space

Steel look interior doors allow you to create different zones in your home, while still offering a spacious, open plan feel. Ideal for properties with limited living space, the luxury steel look partitions will work as interior screens, dividing your living space without making it feel crowded. The large glass panes will also allow more natural light to flood your home, helping give the illusion of a bigger living space.

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The Ideal Steel Replacement

If you like the design of steel interior doors, but don’t want the constant upkeep or costly repairs, then our steel look partitions might be the perfect solution. Each installation delivers the same authentic visual appeal of steel, without any of the disadvantages. Your new steel look interior doors will transform your property with minimal upkeep, saving you time and money in the long run.

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Expert Installation

Fox Windows and Doors are proud to have extensive experience in the home improvement industry, putting customers at the heart of what we do. Our expert team of installers are dedicated to finding the perfect steel look partition for your home. We treat every home as our own, always ensuring you’re happy with the final result.

Modern Features

  • Bespoke Designs
  • Modern Day Styles
  • Affordable Prices

Each of ALUCO’s steel look interior doors are created bespoke, meaning you can perfectly tailor your new installation to suit your Kenilworth home.

Our selection of steel look interior doors have been designed with the modern-day homeowner in mind. The aluminium frames are long-lasting, as well as versatile, meaning they can be designed to fit your requirements.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enhance your home. Our steel look interior doors are competitively priced, perfect for all budgets and properties.

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