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The look and feel of an orangery at the price of a conservatory

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with Ultraframe’s LivinRoom


Fox Windows and Doors offer stunning traditional orangeries which create light and a feeling of height and can be designed to offer a traditional or contemporary look. We also offer the LivinRoom Orangery, a beautiful single storey extension providing the light of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension.

What is an Orangery?

We would say Orangeries fall somewhere between a conservatory and traditional single storey extension...

A slight variation on a traditional conservatory, an Orangery is basically a traditional atrium-style conservatory, with more the look and feel of an extension than a conservatory.

An Orangery will be made up of brick pillars, offering more privacy than a typical conservatory. Traditional Orangeries have flat roofs with a lantern roof feature which is generally positioned centrally in the roof. Internally they look stunning with a plastered finished around the perimeter and LED down lighting incorporated.

Inside the room you will have a feeling of height and the atrium roof will allow light to flood into the space providing a breathtaking focal point.

Ultraframe’s LivinRoom and our traditional orangeries are available in a range of configurations and in both systems you can opt for a traditional or contemporary design. So, even with what we would call a traditional style orangery we can design it to have a contemporary look.

Ultraframe LivinRoom

Create a feeling of height

LivinRoom Orangery

The LivinRoom Orangery is a contemporary take on the traditional orangery design.

Constructed from the well proven classic conservatory roof at its heart, adding a well engineered internal perimeter ceiling, this clever adaptation of a normal conservatory offers a less expensive alternative to a traditional orangery.

The LivinRoom Orangery can be designed in a range of shapes and styles including Georgian, Victorian, gable ended and lean to. Creating a light, relaxing and unique living space, this single storey extension can be supplied with down lighters and speakers built into the perimeter roof to create a personal, modern and functional space.

Cornice aluminium guttering offers a further option to enhance the external aesthetics of the LivinRoom.

Traditional Orangery

The traditional orangery we offer is a new take on the traditional atrium style conservatory, with the latest roofing technology by Ultraframe.

The traditional orangery features a flat roof externally, and internally a boxed in plastered perimeter just like the LivinRoom Orangery. The brick pillars give the orangery a feeling of style and grandeur. If incorporated with bi-folding doors, the traditional orangery really has to be seen to be really appreciated.

Orangeries, like conservatory styles, are generally buildings with glazed sides and brick supports. Orangeries typically use less glass than normal conservatory styles. If you are after a single storey extension, the traditional orangery really does take some beating.

Lantern Roof Feature
Lantern Roof Feature
Create a Feeling of Height
Create a Feeling of Height
LivinRoom Orangery
LivinRoom Orangery
Traditional Orangery
Traditional Orangery

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