Replacing Your Coventry Conservatory Roof

If your conservatory is not performing how you expect it to, the issue is probably in the roof. Not all companies install their conservatories with as high quality roofs as we do at Fox Windows & Doors. But lucky for you, we offer conservatory roof replacements for your existing conservatories.

Partnered with Ultraframe, we install superior performance conservatory roofs to increase the thermal efficiency without compromising the amount of light your conservatory lets in. We use double glazing with low U-values to retain heat in your conservatory whilst keeping humidity and dampness out.

With high quality materials and our expert installs, we are confident that the replacement conservatory roofs are the best solution for you. Learn more about our replacement conservatory roofs and double glazing to see if they are the solution for your Coventry home.

Features & Benefits

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Thermally Efficient

By installing one of our Ultraframe conservatory roofs, you will increase the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. Our glazing has low U-values, which means your conservatory will be able to retain heat and block out cold drafts. You can also have a super-insulated pelmet installed for extra insulation. As a result of enhanced insulation, you will not need to use a heater or a fan as often in your conservatory, so you could also see a decrease in your energy bills.

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Tailored Designs

We offer three designs of replacement conservatory roofs to ensure that we can cater to every conservatory. There are also customisable designs to make sure that all of your requirements are met. For example, if you wanted to opt for a solid roof for optimal privacy but did not want to lose out on letting in natural daylight, integrated glass panes can be installed to let in extra light.

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Fitted to Any Conservatory

We will replace the roof on any conservatory, regardless of who it was fit by. Our conservatories will rarely need to replace their roofs because our products are high quality and built to last. Unfortunately, not all conservatories are built equally, but we can help by replacing the roof of your existing conservatory to help improve its performance.

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Quality Materials

The replacement conservatory roofs that we install are all made with high quality, low maintenance materials so that you can rest assured that this roof is built to endure winds of up to 130 mph and last a long time. The Ultraframe roofs are built with durable uPVC frames and double glazing as standard so that whichever design you choose, you know you will be getting a quality product.

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Expert Installers

Fox Windows & Doors have 22 years of experience in home improvement installations. They are efficient in their work and aim to limit the disruption to your day-to-day life. They will have your conservatory roof replaced as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your conservatory again as soon as we’re done!

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Accreditations and Guarantees

In our 22 years, we have become registered Ultraframe installers, and we are part of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme. Additionally, all of the conservatory roofs that we replace come with a manufacturer warranty and a certificate of authenticity.

Choosing the Right Replacement Conservatory Roof for Your Coventry Home

  • LivinROOF solid Replacement Conservatory Roof
  • Glass Replacement Conservatory Roof
  • UltraROOF Replacement Conservatory Roof

The LivinROOF is an innovative hybrid of solid panels and integrated glass panes. This ensures optimal privacy and allows in lots of natural daylight. The LivinROOF is unique because it is lighter than any other solid roof, weighing in at just 36kg/m², and also independently tested by Warrington Fire.

Glass conservatory roof replacements are ideal for creating a bright and spacious feel in your conservatory. There are also customisable features to make your conservatory unique. For example, having a flat cornice ideal for small and large buildings or a curved decorative cornice adds a traditional design touch.

The UltraROOF is a classic tiled design feature that is perfect for helping your conservatory blend in with the rest of your home. If you are conflicted between having a tiled roof or a glass roof, why not have both! The UltraROOF can be installed with integrated glazing to combine privacy and allowing in light. We also have a range of tiled finishes to tailor to your taste.

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Replacement Conservatory Roofs Prices in Coventry

If you are considering having your conservatory roof replaced, Fox Windows & Doors would love to help you. Not only can we improve the quality and performance of your existing conservatory, but we also build our roods to last so you won’t have to have it replaced any time again soon!

You can contact our team today but either calling us on 01926 754 044 or filling out our online contact form.

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