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At Fox Windows and Doors, we’re proud to offer high-quality steel look doors for homes in Belton, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. While steel doors look stunning, they can be expensive to buy and manage. That’s why we offer steel replacement doors that have the look of steel but feature precision-engineered aluminium as an alternative option.

Aluminium is a superb material – a precious metal. Because of this, it’s strong and durable, meaning your new steel alternative doors will last for years to come. Not only that, but they can improve the performance of your home. Aluminium offers superb insulation and works well with the double glazing in your doors to help you save money on your energy bills.

With our steel look doors, you’ll get a brilliant blend of classic style and modern performance. Our steel replacement doors have an Art Deco-inspired profile, but they have technology that’s fit for the 21st Century. Your new doors will be fully weatherproof, air and water-tight, and they’ll come with the latest security hardware to keep your home protected.

Also, at Fox, we’re proud to be a local installer of steel look doors in Belton. Because of this, we can offer short wait times, low costs and personalised service with our fully trained installation team. You can even customise your doors with a range of colours and accessories. No matter your preferred design, Fox provides a fantastic, made-to-measure fit.

Benefits of Steel Look Doors

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Thermally Efficient

With our steel look doors, you could bring warmth into your Belton home. That's because our steel replacement doors are thermally efficient, as a result of their advanced double glazing and dense aluminium frames. The whole door can capture more of your home's natural heat and insulate your living space from cold air outside. As a result, you can save on your energy bills!

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Robust Profiles

While our steel look doors may not use steel, that doesn't mean they won't be robust. The aluminium profiles we use have incredible strength, and they're practically bulletproof. As a result, they can secure your home and last for decades. Aluminium also retains its strength in slimline shapes, meaning you can enjoy slimmer sightlines through our doors.

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A Selection of Styles

At Fox, we supply steel look doors in all shapes and sizes for your Belton home. We've spent years building up a range of unique expansive designs to suit any room. Not only that, but you can customise your steel alternative doors to make them even more suited to your needs. They can suit traditional and modern homes alike and open into any room in style.

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Enhanced Sense of Space

Our steel alternative doors use slimline aluminium profiles. Because of this, they feature a wider glazing section, letting natural light and warmth flow through your home. Not only that, but you can make your living space feel bigger and more expansive with the gorgeous views and slim sightlines that our steel look doors will provide.

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The Perfect Steel Replacement

You may already have steel doors, but why not look at our alternative doors? Thanks to the aluminium in the design, they're cheaper to buy and maintain, and they could last longer as well! Also, you can style your new steel look doors to be perfect for your space. We offer deep bottom rails, astragal bars and a range of bespoke handle designs too.

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Expert Installation

When you choose Fox, you'll make a fantastic decision. Not only do we offer high-quality steel look doors, but we put a high emphasis on giving you a quality installation. That's why we have a fully qualified installation team who can fit your steel replacement doors to your precise specifications. Also, as local installers, we work around you, not the other way around.

Modern Features

  • Durable Powder Coating
  • Integrated Toughened Glazing
  • Affordable Prices

Fox’s steel look doors have a durable powder coating as standard. Because of this, any colour you add to your steel look doors will be able to last for decades to come. The powder coating ensures the worst weather conditions won’t be able to affect the look of your doors. And, with aluminium profiles, you’ll get a stunning metallic sheen that endures.

When you invest in our steel look doors, you’ll get a durable design in every way. That’s why our doors have toughened double glazing integrated into the design. Our doors have two panes of resilient glass to make your doors more secure, and to improve their lifespan. Also, you can get more privacy when you need it with the option of Satinova and Reeded obscured designs.

At Fox, we believe everybody should be able to enhance their home. That’s why we source leading steel look doors, and we sell them at fair, competitive prices in Belton. With us, you’ll get a comprehensive quote that covers the whole process without unnecessary premiums and high travel costs, helping you save compared to the big brands!

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