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These days, it is not enough to just find the most appropriate solution for your home improvement needs; you want the best for your property. At Fox Windows and Doors, we offer an excellent choice when it comes to upgrading your home in Daventry with uPVC doors.

uPVC doors offer numerous benefits and come in many different designs, allowing homeowners to find the perfect fit for their house. uPVC doors are strong, durable, and offer outstanding energy efficiency, making them the ideal choice for home improvement in Daventry. Plus, with a uPVC door, you can be sure that it will look beautiful for many years to come.
One of the primary benefits of uPVC doors is their energy efficiency. They are designed to prevent drafts and retain heat, lowering energy bills in the long term. This form of insulation works better than many traditional wooden doors, making it a great choice for any Daventry home.
In terms of design and looks, you can’t go wrong with uPVC doors. They come in countless stylish shapes, colors, and designs, each with their own unique character. Fox Windows and Doors can help you find the perfect uPVC door to match your home, creating a lasting impression.
Durability is also a plus. As mentioned above, uPVC doors are highly durable and will stay in top condition for many years after they have been installed. This makes them a sound investment, giving you the peace of mind that the doors will stay strong and reliable for years to come. Finally, uPVC doors are easy to maintain. Their surfaces are washed easily with a damp cloth, meaning minimal upkeep is needed to keep them looking great.

When you invest in a replacement door for your Daventry home, make sure you choose uPVC. Offering excellent insulation, beautiful designs, and long-lasting durability, this type of door is the perfect match for any property. At Fox Windows and Doors, we can help you find the perfect uPVC door for your home, at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our range of double glazing products in Daventry.



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Durable Designs

Not only does using quality uPVC profile from Koemmerling mean your doors won’t succumb to wind and rain, but the quality and strength of the frames also ensures they can withstand strong knocks and impacts. The result? Your uPVC doors will give you years of dependable service with reliable performance and minimal maintenance. And with such durable materials, you can have confidence that your doors will stay looking good and function as they should, providing your home with decades of security and style.

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Thermally Efficient

Our uPVC doors can achieve impressive U-values, improving the efficiency of your Stratford-upon-Avon home. Your door will have innovative profiles which trap pockets of warm air and keep cold air away from your living space. As a result, you can stay warm without having to spend as much money on your heating bills!

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Bespoke Visuals

At Fox, we firmly believe that the best doors for your Daventry home are the ones you design yourself. Our uPVC doors let you do just that - you can select any combination of colour, finish, glazing and accessories to get a completely unique look. Additionally, our experienced team of installers will fit the doors with precision to guarantee that they fit your home perfectly. From start to finish, Fox's uPVC doors give you the power to design a one-of-a-kind door that will look good and last for years.

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Highly Secure

When you choose Fox for your uPVC door in Stratford-upon-Avon, you can have confidence that your home will remain secure. Thanks to our reliable hardware fitting and multi-point locking systems, even the most determined burglars will find it impossible to break in. With robust frames and state-of-the-art resilient internal hardware included as standard, you can rest assured you and your family will be kept safe and sound, no matter what.

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Prompt Installation

We understand why so many local businesses and homeowners in Daventry trust Fox for their uPVC door installation needs. Our experienced team has been installing doors for years, and is knowledgeable with the latest developments in the industry. We offer fast turnaround times, so your door installation can be completed quickly and with a professional finish. So, when you need a reliable doors installer in the Daventry area, choose Fox for a great service and finish.

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Incredible Service

Fox understands the value of your home, and the investment you're making in your property. We want to make sure you get the best product and service every step of the way - from the moment you get your free quote to the installation of your new uPVC door. Our friendly team are available and happy to provide advice and assistance at any time. We don't just stop at making sure you have the right product, we go the extra mile to ensure you have an easy process and that everything is as smooth as possible; we put your satisfaction first.


  • Modern Designs
  • Weatherproofed
  • Selection of Styles
  • Optional Secondary Glazing

With our replacement uPVC doors, you could redefine the entrance of your Daventry home. However, we can offer doors to fit in almost any area. You could install a back door, new connecting doors or even replace a wall of your home with one of our designs. No matter your choice, our French, patio and stable doors will all offer superior thermal efficiency to keep you comfortable.

One of the benefits of replacing wooden doors with uPVC doors for your Daventry home is that they are weatherproof. While wood can begin to wear down in wind and rain, uPVC suffers from no such issues. Instead, uPVC doors keep their shape, strength and even their colour. Because of this, they can last a lot longer and they won’t become weak and fragile for decades to come.

With our vast selection of uPVC doors, there’s bound to be a style to suit your Daventry home. Our replacement door range is full of options, meaning you could match the door to your home or create an exciting contrast. Whether your home is traditional or modern, you can design our uPVC doors to suit it. Our designs are fully customisable so that you can create a one-of-a-kind entrance.

With Fox’s uPVC doors, you’ll get more than just a new entrance for your Daventry home. You’ll also work with people who know how to install your door perfectly. We put just as much time and investment into our installers as we do our doors, so you can rely on them to complete the job. And, with our responsive and personalised service, we’ll be sure to make you feel valued.


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