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These long-lasting uPVC doors are perfect for weathering any type of weather! Sturdy and secure, these doors can also be customised to show a great amount of flair and go beyond the standard of secure and efficient performance.

We know that doors are not only the entrances to your house, but they set the tone for the rest of your home, which is why we will work with you non-stop to design exactly the door you require.

If you’ve been looking into making that door upgrade for your Rugby home, use our online quotation tool to try out some ideas and get instant prices for your designs. Or, to speak to our team for an in-depth discussion of your options, call us on 01926 754044, or fill in our online form!

Do not let yourself get outfoxed by poor prices and installations – trust us, here at fox Windows and Doors, we have just the right ingredients for making the perfect fit.

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Choosing the Perfect uPVC Doors for your Rugby Home

From uPVC patio doors to uPVC French doors, as well as uPVC doors in many more styles, we know the importance of design when it comes to home improvement products, as well as the necessity of getting a little sunlight into your home and everyday life!

Brighten the space within your Rugby home in the summer with one of our uPVC back doors, or let your neighbours wander by in amazement when they see your sleek, clean uPVC front door!

Whichever uPVC door you purchase, and with our expertise and your creativity working together, we guarantee that it’ll reflect your home and will not disappoint!

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Thermally Efficient

The multi-chambered profiles of each style of uPVC door are specifically designed for trapping warm air and helping you cut down on your Rugby home energy bills, thus also reducing your carbon footprint. There are multiple reasons why you should get one of these uPVC doors, but this one is by far the most poignant, as it is beneficial for multiple parties (both your household and mother nature). Thermal efficiency is always important, but especially at the moment, with the ongoing energy crisis, we understand that our products need to be as fit for purpose as they possibly can be.

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Bespoke Designs

We offer uPVC doors in a variety of colours for reflecting your Rugby household identity, as well as for making all of your neighbours jealous. We even provide a range of woodgrain foil options for recreating a rustic timber look! From vibrant, statement doors, to subtle yet elegant doors for just doing the job and blending in, we have all the tools for you to implement your design ideas and make these doors your own!

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At Fox, we firmly believe that the best doors for your Daventry home are the ones you design yourself. Our uPVC doors let you do just that – you can select any combination of colour, finish, glazing and accessories to get a completely unique look. Additionally, our experienced team of installers will fit the doors with precision to guarantee that they fit your home perfectly. From start to finish, Fox’s uPVC doors give you the power to design a one-of-a-kind door that will look good and last for years.

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Expert Service

We only install doors that are above average in security, thermal efficiency and quality, and those which come from reputable manufacturers. These low-maintenance uPVC doors are truly no exception. With amazing durability and brilliantly designed fittings which have gone through thorough testing, these are doors that will leave no stone unturned when it comes to both design and functionality. If you are a little confused about the installation process, do not worry. We will be there to talk to you as often as you need us. Between our design team and installation team, we will be able to cover all of your questions. Ask us anything – nothing is too silly or too small. This is your home. You deserve to have every single element designed and fitted to perfection, so we will never leave you hanging when it comes to asking queries.

Contact the team at Fox Windows & Doors today for affordable uPVC upvc doors for all Rugby homes.

Can’t find what you want? We offer a bespoke service, so be sure to get in touch or visit our showroom for double glazing inspiration.

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