uPVC Windows for Daventry Homes

uPVC Windows – A Great Choice for Customers in Daventry

At Fox Windows and Doors, we’ve been providing Daventry homeowners with the best possible selection of uPVC windows for more than 30 years. We understand the needs of local residents, and we’re committed to helping each customer choose the perfect uPVC windows for their homes. We pride ourselves in providing top-notch customer service and offering a variety of energy efficient options.

When you’re looking for uPVC windows for your home in Daventry, you’ll be pleased to know that Fox Windows and Doors have a wide selection to choose from. uPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular for homes in the area due to their energy efficiency and long-lasting durability. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners.

At Fox Windows and Doors, we’re proud to provide our customers in Daventry with the best selection of uPVC windows. We believe that every homeowner deserves to have the perfect uPVC windows for their home, and we’re committed to helping our customers find the perfect solution for their needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style or a contemporary option, we’ll help you find the perfect windows for your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect double-glazed uPVC windows for your home in Daventry.


Features & Benefits

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Energy Efficient Designs

At Fox Windows and Doors, we understand that energy efficiency is essential for many of our customers. That’s why we offer a selection of high-performance, energy-saving windows in Daventry. These uPVC windows can reduce your heating bills, make your home more comfortable, and provide a better sound insulation than standard windows. We also offer a wide range of uPVC window accessories, such as glazing and blinds, to enhance the energy efficiency of your windows.

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Tailored to Your Home

uPVC windows come in a variety of styles, each designed to suit different needs. For cstomers looking for a traditional look, we offer period styles such as casements and double-hung windows. If you’re looking for a modern, sleek look, we can offer the contemporary lines of tilt-turns, bays, and sliding sashes. We can also provide you with composite windows that offer a stylish combination of uPVC and timber, enabling you to benefit from the advantages of both materials.

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Made to Endure

uPVC window solutions offer homeowners the perfect combination of style and practicality. Not only do these modern windows look great and allow for effective light transmission, they hold up to even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring they last several years without any visible signs of aging. Their thermal efficiency and durability make them ideal choices for consumers seeking energy efficient solutions and need products that can withstand the trial of time. As such, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the uPVC windows they install in their home are going to look great and continue to look great for many years to come.

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Specify Your Requirements

Whether you are a Daventry homeowner who seeks to upgrade their existing uPVC door system or an individual looking to purchase a uPVC door for their property, our team of experts is always available to provide you with the best advice. With our upgrade options, homeowners can diversify the depth of their windows and opt for triple glazing to maximize sound cancelling properties. We also provide customizable settings that enable our customers to alter their uPVC windows according to their own preference and requirements. Therefore, no matter what needs to be taken into account, our uPVC windows and doors will remain focused on the task at hand.

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Customers Come First

At Fox, we have a customer-first approach. We understand that a new uPVC window installation is a big project for our clients and we strive to provide the most exceptional service. We understand that our customers have their own timeline and schedules, so we strive to complete the installation in a way that fits best with you. Our team is available to discuss installation dates and times to make the process as simple, stress-free and prompt as possible. Regardless of the complexity and scale of the project, we ensure the customer always comes first.

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In Safe Hands

At Fox Windows we make sure our customers feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are in experienced hands. We have been in this industry for the past 22 years and are proud of our considerable experience. We believe in constantly looking for ways to enhance our services and nurture our relationship with customers. We are a Which? Trusted Trader, meaning we guarantee the highest quality of service for people who trust us with their projects. We strive to ensure that our level of expertise and performance not only meets, but exceeds our customers' expectations.

Modern Features

  • Ideal for Conservatories
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Acoustic Installation
  • Cost-Efficiency

Our uPVC windows are so secure and thermally efficient that they can be installed into conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms and extensions. Replacing your existing profiles and add them into brand new builds to enjoy a secure area that can be enjoyed all year round, no matter the weather outside.

uPVC windows won’t rot or warp, even in adverse weather conditions. No matter the colour you choose, it will not fade over time or with wear. Your new window installation fresh and bright looking for longer without needing your time, money or energy. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new for longer.

If you live in a built up area, by a main road or have noisy neighbours, our uPVC windows can help. The acoustic insulation features allow you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet home, allowing you to work, relax, lounge or socialise in peace. The external noises will stay outside, where they belong and leave you to live a life of peace.


We want all our Daventry homeowners to have access to high quality uPVC windows. That is why all our products are cost efficient without compromising on quality. These thermally efficient designs can help lower your energy bills because you will rely less on your central heating. These windows are a fantastic investment for your home.

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