Blown Sealed Unit Replacement, Kenilworth

Fox Windows and Doors replace blown sealed units as part of the complete home improvement service that we offer to our customers. We offer a very efficient service and are competitive in the market.

For customers wanting to make the best of what they currently have, we can replace the glass on blown (cloudy) or cracked sealed units. We also sell top of the range new windows and doors.

Blown Sealed Unit Replacement Kenilworth

Replacing Broken Units

A cloudy unit or blown unit, as we call them in the trade, is a double or triple glazed unit that has moisture in between the glass.

This moisture can be quite visible in badly blown units, or can appear as a cloudy area in a certain part of the window in a unit that has just started to go. So, a cloudy window or door unit is one that has failed. Rubber gaskets that are letting water get in behind them are one of the most common reasons for sealed units failing. At Fox Windows and Doors, we do not repair the unit; we take appropriate measurements and replace it with a brand new one.

What We Do…

  • We survey and quote the job at the same time
  • We can establish the width, height, depth of the unit and whether it is a performance glass i.e. Pilkington k
  • We can quote you roughly within 5-10 minutes of taking the measurements
  • We aim to replace blown sealed units within 2-3weeks of your order being placed
  • We will check your gaskets and can replace short or perished gaskets as part of the service
  • We replace blown sealed units with brand new units
  • All replacement units come with a 10 year guarantee
  • Replace with a new unit that has a Venetian Integral Blind within the cavity

PLEASE NOTE: We have a minimum order value of just £100. As you can probably appreciate it is not cost effective to replace one sealed unit under this amount.

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