Double Glazing Repairs

Fox Windows and Doors undertake a variety of repair work including replacing blown sealed units and conservatory roof repairs and upgrades.  If you have any issues with your doors, windows or conservatory, please get in touch and we will do our very best to help.

Below are some typical repair works that we offer. You will also find information about repair works that we are unfortunately unable to offer.

Cloudy Double Glazed Units

The most common requirement for window repairs is failed double glazed units which typically have gone cloudy because of moisture in between the glass.

We can replace the glass on blown (cloudy) or cracked sealed units. We do not repair the unit; we take appropriate measurements and replace it with a brand new one.

We believe we offer both a very efficient service and are competitive in the market.

We also will check your gaskets and can replace short or perished gaskets as part of this service. Rubber gaskets that are letting water get in behind them is one of the most common reasons for sealed units failing.

Conservatory Roof Repair

If your conservatory roof is damaged, we can replace sections of the roof. Fox Windows and Doors also give several options on conservatory roof upgrades.

We can replace damaged conservatory roofs. If the glass roof is cracked or the polycarbonate roof has a dent in it, we should be able to replace this section only with no problems. Please be aware that we can only do this if we can source the same roof type.

Some roofs that are 20 years old such as the ultralight 500 are now obsolete. Please also bear in mind that polycarbonate roofs have a life expectancy of around 15 to 20 years when the plastic starts to go brittle. It may be worth considering upgrading the whole roof if yours is looking a bit tired.

Fox Windows and Doors conservatory roof upgrades include new polycarbonate, performance glass and solid roof options like the extra lightweight tiled Supalite roof system and the contemporary Ultraframe Livinroof. Fox Windows and Doors will give you the best advice as to whether your conservatory is suitable for a roof upgrade.

Damaged uPVC Doors

Fox Windows and Doors replace door panels and doors, we also offer a free service of the door.

If your UPVC door panel is damaged or cracked, whether it is a full decorative panel or a half panel door, you can just change the door panel and not the door, potentially saving you several hundred pounds.

When Fox Windows and Doors replace door panels, we also offer a free service of the door. We will check that the multipoint locking is lubricated and is working correctly and check that the door is square within the door frame.

Typically the doors that tend to have cracks in them are old mahogany UPVC doors that have cracks appearing from the corners of the raised moulds. If the frame of the door is damaged, you will probably need a new door. Also check first whether your door is under a guarantee, if it is, the company that installed the door have a responsibility to replace it free of charge.

Window and Door Handle Repairs

Fox Windows and Doors will change window handles and door handles if yours are broken or tired looking. We have a minimum charge of £100 for this type of work. If you are having other work done at the same time such as new glass units, then the charge will be less than this.

What We Do Not Repair…

We do not repair old aluminium patio doors. We occasionally get asked to replace the runner wheels on a sliding/patio door because the door is not sliding properly. Quite often there are other issues with these doors too and we prefer to replace the door with a brand new door.

We do not replace or repair rotten timber sills or any rotten timber in any timber windows or doors. If this is your requirement, we advise that you contact a joiner who specialises is renovating timber windows.

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