Are You Looking For a Veranda Extension?

These robust, aluminium beams from Ultraframe (which can also be used as a gutter) along with the supporting walls we provide, make up our verandas.

This beauty will expand the space within your Rugby home and add a touch of class and vibrance to it.

Features & Benefits

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Unique Veranda Design

Combine two spaces into one with one of our vivacious verandas. Oversails are integrated into the roof for creating a sheltered pocket for those rainy days and this new extension will become a great birdwatching or book-reading, light-absorbing spot.

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Choice of Walls

Customise your veranda support and further tailor your home to suit your needs by choosing between masonry or glazed walls (which are either privacy or light-enhancing). Whether you’re after an added space for letting in plenty of that Vitamin D, or are looking for a quiet, cosy and private space, these options will be able to provide either!

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Customise your Extension

We have a great colour foil range to choose from, including a dual colour option (for differentiating between the interior and exterior of the veranda if you so wish). Having products with décor that matches your home is extremely important, whether your style is minimalist or extravagant, so we have made sure that you can customise a lot of features. If you’re unsure of what may be the best match for your home aesthetic, we have plenty of advice to offer. Just get in contact, and we will discuss all of your options with you.

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Structural Goal Post

This hidden feature will help allow for greater spans across your garden and allow you to install sliding or bi-fold doors into the veranda. Design is the goal, and these verandas will complete that goal and all the specifications within it!

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Versatile Design

With gable and lean-to-conservatory style options, you will be impressed with the way they fit perfectly into your home – especially if you’re a bungalow or terraced Rugby homeowner. Either of these space-saving styles will be a fantastic addition to your house, complementing your home aesthetic to perfection. They can be square or rectangular and you fit them under the eaves.

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Strong and Robust

We offer the choice of two types of posts for the veranda installation – aluminium (which can also act as a drainpipe and feature broader spans) or oak (with stop ends and a stop plate joined at the base). These terrifically tough verandas will last for many a year and will make a big impact on your Rugby home.

Why Choose a Veranda Extension?

  • All About Freedom
  • Add Market Value
  • Carefully Tested Roofing
  • Fox Windows and Ultraframe

Keeping you protected and warm in the winter and refreshed in the summer, this extra special space provided by the veranda will not go unused. This space could become a great dining room, a room for your plants, or even a room for cosying up and watching movies – you decide how best to use the space! Our verandas are works of art.

These verandas are built to last, look sleek and will not skimp on any element of the design. Putting your property on the Rugby market after having one of these great extensions installed will definitely increase your home’s value. Yet you cannot put a value on how much said verandas will improve the efficiency and vibrancy of your home.

The classic roof is used as the design starter – the tech we use for it has been dependable for a great many years. We will not let any poor-quality product past our sharp eyes and into our installation process, so you can be sure you’re getting products made to last without lots of maintenance needed to keep them in good condition.

Approved installers of Ultra, we have been given a reputable stamp of approval for having been given a membership within the Which? trusted trader scheme. At Fox Windows and Doors, we are as committed to getting you the best of the best home improvement items as a dog is committed to a scent on a walk in the woods. Our verandas will extend your house and open your hearts to a more open, lighter (especially if you choose glazed rather than masonry), fresher home.

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Veranda Prices in Rugby

If you have been looking for a veranda with some personality, we can guarantee that we will have the right one for you. To get a free quote for a product of your choosing, we have a cost calculator for you to see how much your ideal veranda will… you guessed it, cost.

Contact us via our online form or call us on 01926 754 044 for an in-depth discussion on which veranda features would be right for your Rugby home.

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