Residence 9 Flush Casement Windows

Totally transform your home

Create a Traditional or Contemporary Look

Residence 9 Flush Casesment Windows

The Residence Window has been designed by British Engineers as a serious alternative to timber windows and has all the features you would expect to find on an 19th Century flush casement window. Fox Windows and Doors and delighted to offer these elegant and energy efficient windows to customers in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and throughout Leicestershire and Rutland.

Combining contemporary materials and technology with traditional and decorative aesthetics, Residence 9 Windows are virtually maintenance free. No painting or staining is required and cleaning them takes minimum effort.

Timber Alternative Windows

Offering traditional sightlines, authentic handles, peg stays and butt hinges, Residence 9 Windows are not only stylish, they will withstand the test of time too...

Residence 9 Windows include some state of the art design features and British craftsmanship using time honoured traditions and modern manufacturing processes. With a superb choice of styles and configurations, Residence 9 allows you to make a real design statement for your home.

Coming Soon 

Residence is soon to be offering more contemporary flush casement options too. Fox Windows and Doors will keep you up to speed as the market seems to be moving this way...

Flush casement windows do look great with their balanced looks and equal site lines. Soon we will be offering you Residence 7 and Residence 2.

They are all quite different designs but built to the same exacting standards and build quality.


Traditional Sightlines

The flush sash exterior is quite stunning. All the glass sightlines are equal, giving it a symmetry and style not available in other window systems.

This window has an abundance of kerbside appeal. Internally the depth and shape of the window is completely authentic and gives an elegant and deep appearance.

Authentic Handles and Peg Stays

The Residence 9 window handles are individually hand forged Pear Drop and Monkey Tail designs. Available in either Black or a stunning Pewter Patina, they beautifully recreate a traditional period feature.

If you require a more contemporary appearance the Residence 9 Tear Drop and Monkey Tail designs are available in Hardex Chrome, Hardex Gold, Hardex Graphite and Antique Black. There is also is an option Painted White in Monkey Tail only.

Authentic Cill Details

Old timber Cills were deep, much thicker than today’s upvc and aluminium cills. The Radlington Cill has been designed as the modern interpretation of a timber cill.

It is just another added feature that Residence 9 has recently introduced which compliments the window and recreates that stunning traditional look.

Bays and Corner Posts

Traditional and Contemporary bay windows and orangeries can be sympathetically recreated using fluted corner posts and defined plinth detailing.

There is a range of decorative trims to suit different bay configurations and designs.

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are a feature you would expect to see on all traditional timber windows. Residence 9 offer these to help create the aesthetics of that traditional feature.

There are two options to choose from, working butt hinges or dummy butt hinges. Working butt hinges also have the added advantage of a perfectly clear opening, making them an ideal solution for fire escape windows.

Colour Options

The Residence 9 Graduate Collection is a range of shades and colours to suit different architectural periods and individual preferences. Many of these colours are based on National Trust colours.

There are options to have a dual colours, typically this may be a whitegrain or a cream on the inside but maybe Painswick on the outside. The choice is yours.

Traditional Sightlines

Authentic Handles and Peg Stays

Authentic Cill Detail

Bays and Corner Posts

Butt Hinges

Colour Options

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