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High Quality Double Glazing Installations, Quorn

Are you searching for double glazing home improvements to upgrade your property? Look no further than Fox Windows & Doors. Our expertise, coupled with many years in the business, are sure to impress any homeowner in Quorn. We offer a range of double glazing styles to fit your individual needs, as well as your budget.

If you’re looking for high quality double glazed windows and doors in the Quorn area, trust Fox Windows & Doors. We partner with well-respected suppliers to make sure that your double glazing can withstand harsh weather, and stay in prime condition for years to come. Our double glazing also comes with outstanding thermal efficiency, security and soundproofing features that are sure to impress any homeowner.

If you are interested in discovering the range of high quality double glazing services we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff members are more than happy to provide you with helpful customer service and the perfect products for your home. Give us a call on 01926 754 044 to find out more, and be sure to take advantage of our convenient online quoting tool for free pricing!

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Quorn Double Glazing Solutions

If you’re in Quorn and want to upgrade the appearance and performance of your home, trust Fox Windows & Doors. We only use the best quality double glazing products in our installations, that not only perform exceptionally, but look great doing it.

At Fox Windows & Doors, we have you covered if you’re looking to upgrade your property with a variety of aluminium and uPVC windows. Our offerings come with smart double glazing to help keep your home thermally efficient for years to come. We also offer secondary glazing for heritage properties, to protect the look of your window while giving their performance a much needed upgrade. We have different window formats to choose from, such as casement, French casement, flush sash, sliding sash, and tilt and turn windows- so no matter what you’re looking for, we have an installation to match. 

If you’re looking to add an extra touch of style to your home, Fox Windows & Doors has just what you’re looking for. Our wide range of double glazed doors includes modern bifolds, steel look doors, Spitfire doors, aluminium sliders, composite front doors, and uPVC French and patio doors. We haven’t forgotten our classic stable doors either- we offer them with a range of double glazing options, combining a timeless look with modern features.

Do you want to give your Quorn conservatory a makeover? We offer a range of home extensions and orangeries to choose from, with an incredible range of modern Ultraframe roofs to match. We also offer a range of stunning verandas that help Quorn homeowners to enjoy their gardens all year round. Contact us today to get started!

Features & Benefits of Double Glazing

Durable Double Glazing

Fox Windows & Doors is your one-stop shop for premium double glazing solutions. From Ultraframe to Origin, Spitfire to Kommerling, our range of renowned manufacturers offers only the highest quality products. Built on the most up-to-date technologies, these double glazed windows guarantee long-lasting quality and require little maintenance or replacement parts. For maximum confidence in your purchase, trust Fox Windows & Doors for your double glazing needs.

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Check out the incredible projects we’ve been working on here at Fox. For more information about our installations in Quorn, contact us today.

Double Glazing Prices, Quorn

If you’re looking for beautiful, high-quality double glazing at the right price, Fox Windows & Doors is the place to go. Our designs are sure to impress and add value to any home. Why not use our online calculator to get a tailored quote for your double glazing in minutes? Just put in your details and you’ll receive a bespoke double glazing quote for free. 

If you have any questions about our range of double glazing installations, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help! You can call us on 01926 754 044 or fill out our online form. We also invite you to check out our brand-new showroom to get a firsthand experience of our double glazed home improvements. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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If you're looking for competitive prices on double glazing installations in Quorn, Fox Windows & Doors are here to help! We offer affordable double glazing solutions, as well as bespoke home extensions if you're looking to expand. Use our online design tool to customise your installation and get an accurate quote for almost all of our services. Contact us today to learn more.

Looking for a specific style of installation? We’ve got you covered here at Fox Windows & Doors. Contact our friendly team today to discuss what bespoke products we can offer you.

Conservatory or Extension: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a homeowner looking to add extra space to your property, you may be considering either a conservatory or an extension. But what exactly is the difference between the two?  In this article, we’ll explore the differences between a conservatory and an extension, helping you make an informed decision on which option is the best for your next home improvement project.

Get a quote from Fox Windows and Doors for your conservatory or extension project. We are a Which? Trusted Trader, so you can rest assured that any project we carry out will be of the highest quality for both installation and customer service. 

home extension with sliding doors and ultrasky roof

Design and Construction 

A conservatory is a structure that is typically attached to the side or rear of a house, and features glazing and a glass or solid roof. It is designed to let in natural light and provide a space where you can enjoy the outdoors while being sheltered from the elements. Conservatories are often used as sunrooms, dining areas or relaxation spaces. They are known for their panoramic views and traditional aesthetics.

On the other hand, an extension is a more solid addition to your home. They are typically built using the same materials as the existing home structure and seamlessly integrate with the rest of the house. Extensions can be used to create additional living spaces, such as a larger kitchen, a new bedroom or a home office. They offer more flexibility in terms of design and can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Option

When deciding between a conservatory and an extension, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, it is essential to consider the purpose of the space you want to create. If you’re looking for a bright and airy room that connects you with the outdoors, a conservatory may be the ideal choice. However, if you need a more versatile and integrated space that blends seamlessly with your existing home, an extension may be the better option.

It is also worthwhile considering the space you have available. If you live in a bungalow or terraced house, you may benefit more from a conservatory than an extension, whereas if you have a larger amount of land or garden space, you could extend your living space with an extension.

You should also consider elements such as security factors, weatherproofing and energy efficiency when choosing between a conservatory or extension. Our conservatories and extensions are all rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of security, energy efficiency and weatherproofing, so you do not need to worry that you home may become susceptible to forced entry or draughts in adverse weather.

Types of Conservatories and Extensions We Offer

Here at Fox Windows and Doors, we offer a wide range of conservatory and extension options, including glazed extensions and kitchen extensions, so that you can choose the perfect additional living space for your home. 

We offer both full conservatory builds and conservatory refurbishment, so if you are looking to upgrade your current conservatory, Fox Windows and Doors is your local Warwickshire conservatory refurb company. 

We also offer orangeries and lantern orangeries, which pose a great middle ground between an extension and a conservatory. Orangeries are built with brick walls but a glass roof and glazing, making them ideal for homeowners who want a more solid extension without sacrificing more natural light that would come from a conservatory. 

Kitchen extensions have also grown in popularity as they provide practical extension space, which is useful for more kitchen counter space or a dining table for entertaining guests and eating with family. 

Contact our team for more information on the types of extensions and conservatories we offer, and for a quote

Consider Cost and Value

Another important consideration when choosing between a conservatory or extension is cost. Conservatories are generally more cost-effective than extensions, as they require less construction work and materials. However, extensions can add more value to your property in the long run, and are appealing to potential buyers.

Each of the conservatory or extension options we have available performs with excellent energy efficiency, so there would be no additional concern for raised energy prices when installing a conservatory or extension with Fox Windows and Doors, as either option performs exceptionally well.

Look Into Planning Permission 

It’s also worth noting that planning permission may be required for both conservatories and extensions, depending on their size and location. It’s important to check with your local authorities to ensure you comply with any regulations.

Are you still trying to decide on a Conservatory or Extension?

If you are still deciding between an extension or conservatory, you could also opt for a garden room. Garden rooms provide the additional space you need, but they can be situated away from the main building structure, making them a more private and exclusive space. Ideal for entertaining guests or for use as a garden office, garden rooms are versatile spaces for your family. We offer a range of modern garden rooms for your Warwickshire home.

grey garden room with chairs outside

At Fox Windows & Doors, we offer a range of high-quality double glazed products that are suitable for both conservatories and extensions. Our double glazed windows and doors are designed to provide excellent insulation, security and energy efficiency, ensuring that your new space is comfortable and cost-effective to maintain. Combine our conservatory or extension options with a window and door style that suits your needs, and design a bespoke space for you to enjoy.

Whether you choose a conservatory or an extension, our team of experts can guide you through the process, from design to installation. We understand the importance of creating a space that meets your needs and enhances your home’s value. 

Get in touch with us today for a free quote or to discuss your home improvement project. 


Fox Windows & Doors: Your Trusted Origin Premium Partner 

High-Quality Fenestration Products and Service with Fox Windows and Doors

As an Origin Premium Partner, Fox Windows and Doors takes pride in offering customers the finest quality and most innovative fenestration products. With rigorous training and certification, we ensure that our installation and customer service meet the highest standards. We also have extensive knowledge of Origin’s product range, which allows us to provide expert advice and guidance to our valued customers when they are choosing to upgrade their homes with Origin products supplied and installed by Fox Windows and Doors.

Fox Windows and Doors is proud to be an Origin Premium Partner. When you choose Fox Windows and Doors to install your home improvements, you are choosing a reliable and efficient team for your project. Get a quote for your Origin home improvement project today.

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Origin’s Exceptional Product Range

Origin is a leading British manufacturer of home improvement products, specialising in aluminium bi-fold doors, windows and internal doors. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Origin’s products are both visually stunning and highly functional. Here at Fox Windows and Doors, we offer a range of Origin products for your home.

Origin bifold doors are ideal for all types of homes. With a choice of the Soho or Contemporary range, your bifold doors can be tailored to best suit your property. Origin bifold doors provide ease of access and expansive views from your entryway. They are also thermally and energy efficient and highly secure against unwanted intruders and forced entry.

bifold doors from Origin fitted into lounge opening up to the garden

Origin sliding doors are also a popular choice amongst homeowners looking for improved accessibility within their home, and for uninterrupted views both when the door is open and closed. Origin sliding doors come in three sizes and can be manufactured with slim sightlines for better views from your door. These sliding doors are also inherently strong against forced entry and weatherproof, so your home will not become draughty or damp over time as the materials become weakened.

origin sliding door in home extension

Origin internal doors bring a beautiful and modern style to any property. Whether you are looking for a single door, French internal doors, fixed screens or corner configuration to break up your rooms, we have the ideal Origin product for you. These doors can also be customised to fit your design needs, with a range of 150 colours to choose from, additional hardware and glazing options, including kickplates and blackout panels.

origin internal door creating separate room with glass walls

Origin residential doors are an excellent option for homeowners looking to create a focal point with their front door. Origin residential doors can be designed bespoke to your property, in a range of colourways, sizes and with midrail or panel options. For improved accessibility for wheelchair users or individuals with mobility issues, you can also choose the low threshold option.

residential door from origin

Origin windows come in two styles: OW-70 and OW-80. The OW-70 range offers improved views due to its slimmer framework, whereas the OW-80 range boasts a more versatile range of configurations and can be larger in size than the OW-70 range. The OW-80 range is also a casement window style that can be fitted into bay windows and gables. Both window options can be personalised to your home; whether you are looking for windows that match a traditional or contemporary property, Origin windows are designed to fit all. They also come in a range of colours and are aluminium, so you can rest assured that your windows will be sturdy and secure against forced entry or adverse weather.

large home with black origin aluminium winodws

Unparalleled Benefits of Origin Products

When you choose Origin, you benefit from low maintenance requirements, thanks to the durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium frames. These frames will continue to look great for years to come with minimal upkeep. Origin also prioritises safety and security, incorporating multi-point locking systems and toughened glass as standard features. Furthermore, Origin products perform with excellent thermal efficiency, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, therefore reducing energy consumption and saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Exceptional Customer Service

Here at Fox Windows & Doors, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service from enquiry to aftercare. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, helping you select the right products for your home and ensuring professional installation. We understand that every home is different and every homeowner has varying ideas, so we work closely with you to meet your specific needs and preferences.

To learn more about our partnership with Origin and explore their range of products, get in touch with our friendly team. You can use our online contact form or give us a call, and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote.

Experience the Difference When You Choose Fox Windows and Doors and Origin

Choose Fox Windows & Doors as your trusted Origin Premium Partner for high-quality, innovative and stylish home improvement products. Whether you are looking to enhance your home’s aesthetics, improve energy efficiency or create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to experience the difference that Fox Windows and Doors and Origin can make for your home.

Get a free personalised quote today using our online quoting engine. Contact us now to transform your home with Origin’s exceptional range of products, installed by Fox Windows and Doors.


The Benefits of Secondary Glazing for Your Home

Secondary glazing is a popular solution for homeowners in the UK who want to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and security of their homes. By installing an additional layer of glazing on the interior side of existing windows, secondary glazing creates a double-glazed effect, without such an invasive home improvement project. There are many benefits of secondary glazing and how it can enhance your home.

Unsure what the phrase means? Find out in our handy article: ‘What is secondary glazing?‘.

Secondary Glazed Units Warwickshire

Secondary Glazing Provides:

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of secondary glazing is its ability to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. The additional layer of glazing creates an insulating barrier, reducing heat loss and preventing cold drafts from entering your living space. This can lead to significant energy savings and a more comfortable indoor environment.

In a cost of living crisis, secondary glazing prices are often worth it – with a return on investment of less expensive electric and gas bills throughout your home’s future. 

2. Enhanced Thermal Insulation

This type of glazing helps improve the thermal insulation of your windows, reducing heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home. This can help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, secondary glazing can also help lower your energy bills.

3. Noise Reduction

 If you live in a noisy area or near a busy road, this additional glazing can provide excellent sound insulation. The additional layer of glazing helps block out external noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment. This can be particularly beneficial for bedrooms, home offices, or any other areas where a quiet atmosphere is desired.

4. Increased Security

Extra glazing adds another layer of protection to your windows, making it more difficult for intruders to break in. The additional barrier acts as a deterrent and can significantly improve the security of your home. It is especially beneficial for ground floor windows or windows that are easily accessible from the outside.

5. Versatility and Flexibility

Secondary glazing is a versatile solution that can be installed on various types of windows, including sash windows, casement windows, and even curved or shaped windows. It can also be easily removed if necessary, making it a flexible option for both homeowners and renters.

6. Neat and Discreet

Homeowners frequently worry that adding secondary glazing will detract from their home’s attractiveness on the market. However, once in place, it remains inconspicuous to the untrained eye. Visitors, whether friends or family, won’t discern the difference between your new secondary glazing and traditional double glazing, ensuring your home maintains its appealing aesthetic.

Secondary Glazing Installations Warwickshire

Second Glazing Contributes To The Preservation of Historic Windows

Secondary glazing for listed buildings is a hugely popular service.  If you live in a period property with original windows, secondary glazing can be a great alternative to replacing them. It allows you to preserve the character and charm of your historic windows while still enjoying the benefits of modern insulation and security. Secondary glazing can be discreetly installed, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Condensation Control With Additional Glazing 

Secondary glazing helps reduce condensation on your windows by creating an additional barrier between the warm indoor air and the cold glass surface. This can help prevent moisture build-up, which can lead to mould growth and damage to your window frames. By controlling condensation, secondary glazing improves the overall air quality and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

Secondary Glazing Cost

When it coms to secondary glazing prices, it can be very variable. A lot of factors go into pricing secondary glazing – including the size and style of the window needing additional glazing. Cheap secondary glazing is much sought after – and Fox Windows & Doors offer competitive prices and speedy installations. 

Double Glazing or Secondary Glazing

The choice between secondary glazing and double glazing depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you seek a cost-effective solution with significant energy savings, secondary glazing may be the better choice. However, if you aim to attract buyers with a modern and high-end property, double glazing may be preferred.

Additional glazing offers numerous benefits for homeowners in the UK. From improved energy efficiency and thermal insulation to noise reduction and increased security, it is a cost-effective and practical solution for enhancing the comfort and performance of your windows. If you’re considering secondary glazing for your home, contact us at Fox Windows & Doors for expert advice and high-quality products.

Secondary Glazing Warwickshire

We offer glazing services throughout Warwickshire. From secondary glazing Leamington spa services to secondary glazing Stratford upon Avon projects, we’ve got you covered! Fox Windows & Doors offers this service throughout Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon, Erdington, Redditch, Rugby, Warwick, Coventry and the surrounding areas

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